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    Hmmm Considering

    Im considering getting me a psp. They are really expensive for the kind of money i make and the games are expensive also. I was wondering if i get the psp how much extra money would i have to spend to hook it up so i can get games and movies from the net? I wouldnt even know where to begin and before i spend this kind of money on a psp i was wondering can i get the games for it from the net like the ps2? What programs do i need to purchase/download to enable the games/movies/mp3 to play (if i can get them from the net)? Can someone point me in the direction of a tutorial or something? all i see is stickys with a bunch of programs to download and i have no idea what im doing. I dont want to spend like $375 on a psp and 2 games (thats crazy). Im a noob to this, and if anyone can help me out it would be awsome!!! thanks in advance. PS3News IS THE BEST!!!!!

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    You won't need any special programs to get music MP3s/movie MP4s to run on the PSP, it's simply a matter naming them correctly (for the movies) and placing them in the proper directories on your MS... then you can run them from the PSP main menu.

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    As for games you can just get emulators. You should be able to fit a couple of roms on the 32mb memory stick that comes with the psp. I have around 15 roms and 3 emulators so it's not a problem. As for movies and mp3's you need a bigger memory stick. Go buy a 512 or a 1 gig card. 1 gig memory stick can hold a full length movie for sure but im not sure about a 512. The 1 gig card will cost you around $120..... if you know where to look. Your only problem after getting a PSP would be the momory stick.

    Hope this helped.

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    ok ok thats sweet! Ive seen a few new psp games come out so I can get these games and put them onto the psp no prob? sounds too good to be true. Well i got a scale going here trying to sort out the goods and the bads (price!) thanks guys you helped!

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    I saw people discussing how a 1gb stick will hold 3 to 4 psp games. WHAT! what about a 256 will that hold some or am i confused? i definetly dont have enough for the 1 gb stick

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    sorry for all the posting, but i cant edit them and then i think of more questions
    anyway to smokeymac, can you point me in the direction of a tutorial that would show me how to put psp games or emulators on my psp? i looked in the tutorial section and found nothing of the sort.

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    read the WAB loader 2.5 thread to get an idea on how to play psp backups. Right now, things aren't perfect, but we're getting there. Soon there should be an ISO loader that doens't require each game to be patched.

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    Also, THIS Tutorial details how to install homebrew/emulators on the PSP.

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    You should be able to fit one or two psp games on a 256. I believe the modded Lumines image you can fit on a 32 but i have not try it out yet. For some games you can delete unneccessary contents like later levels and then when you get to that level simply put it back on. You'll save some space this way.

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    ok well now im sold now im gonna go ahead and purchase it tomorrow morning. cant wait to get it to try out all these tricks. Im gonna get a 256 mb stick, that should be enough to do all this good stuff (psp/movies/mp3s) right?

    you guys are great for helping me out, its a big decision for me and its alot of money but i think i will get every bit out of it.

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