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    Arrow Hey, i thought of something...

    This morning when i woke up, i was looking through all of my friend's PSP games and i started thinking... Is it possible to open the UMD Cases? if so, i was thinking of taking one of his games, buying the same size media disc, and burning it at a slow speed. Then, i could open the cr┼ppy case i got from the demo and put the media disc inside there... Anybody think it would work?


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    absolutely not.

    The UMD is vastly different from a CD or DVD.

    It uses a similar filesystem, but the physical media is currently impossible to duplicate.

    Assuming that Sony ever releases a UMD burner (HA!), this will change.
    ...some "Universal" media disk, indeed...

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    wish it would be that easy xDeathsWishx, i think the umd loader (and highly doubting this will ever come out now) would be the only way to play these games other than the original.

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    haha.. damn that really sucks :/... someday, somebody will find a way ... and yes i love my psp too, with its endless posibilities c(=

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    >_< does it even have a hole in the middle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tunaghost
    >_< does it even have a hole in the middle?

    It does but to play it on a dvd rom you may have bore it a bit after you remove the metal piece. On the pic it shows a dvd overlaying a umd. The first 1/3 of data is within the clear dvd o ring.

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    My cousin said some company in china may be looking into making a UMD burner. Only time will tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by puerrican718
    I doubt that..... Sony owns the umd rights. For someone to make such a thing is only asking to be sued by $ony. $ony has been seriously crappin on everyone lately, like psp importers on ebay, bootlegging, homebrew, and anything u can think of... you swear the ceo was having a pms episode.....
    Thats what i said, but you know those advanced people over there in china, they can do anything lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by deakphreak
    My cousin said some company in china may be looking into making a UMD burner. Only time will tell.
    Well, I hope they're working on manufacturing UMD-Rs as well, otherwise the burner would be useless. More likely they're working on getting presses to create their own UMD-silvers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by puerrican718
    i aint gonna let my system be destroyed by the consumers MUAHHAHAHAHA
    Isn't it already? lol Did the people that made the GBA flash carts have the rights to do that? I havnt heard much information about those so im not sure how that works.

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