bjohnson, well-known in the PS2 scene already for his previous work on both DVD Rips and their related utilities a few years back, has shared with our community today a PC port- Heretic For PSP v0.1! According to the included ReadMe file: "Heretic takes the player to a twisted medieval dimension where the player must fight undead creatures and bestial horrors. To fight these creatures you will gain access to ungodly weapons such as the Firemace, Hellstaf and numerous types of spells and potions to seek vengeance upon the creatures who have slaughtered your entire race."

Current features include:
  • Classic Medievil Action Now for the PSP!
  • Analog stick for movement
  • Sound Supported tho it isn't that great
  • Shareware and Commercial version supported!
  • Shareware WAD is included
  • Save/load works!

Finally, bjohnson states that any random crashes or bugs can be reported directly on our PSP Chat Forums, and he will also release the source code soon for those interested. Nice work bjohnson!