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    Erz Guest

    Help! PS Vita Heat Problem?

    I have PS Vita 3G, each time I play game offline around 10-20 minute, the back of my Vita is starting to get warm and the next 40-60 minute its get heat (the same heat like someone get a fever)

    When play online for 40-60 minute, connection is disable because the System is Overheat.

    My PS Vita setting is
    Brightness = 50%
    System Music = OFF
    Auto Update = OFF
    Mobile Network = OFF
    WiFi Network = OFF
    Bluetooth Connection = OFF

    Is this normal? Everyone have this same problem to?

    I thank you for your answer in advance

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    Azrial Guest
    I don't have the 3G version, only wi-fi, but it doesn't sound normal, I can play for 4 hours+ fine, with no heat increase, take it back to the shop if I was you.

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    Erz Guest
    Yes, I've heard that wi-fi model don't have this problem

    Hopefully people that use 3G model can tell me about this

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