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    Help, please....

    how do i play these emulator games on my psp? i didn't d/l any emulators yet, prolly cause i don't know where to... can someone please guide me? thanks

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    Well it really depends on what you mean by
    Quote Originally Posted by bpf83
    how do i play these emulator games on my psp?
    There are a number of different emulators available; SNES, NES, Gamegear, Mastersystem, GameboyAdvance etc etc
    (Check the emulators thread: for emulators)

    It really depends on which you are talking about.
    You stated that
    Quote Originally Posted by bpf83
    i didn't d/l any emulators yet
    so it probably depends more on which games you are talking about.

    What games are you referring to - then maybe someone can help.
    (might help if you post the game name and the extension to the file - that's the last three characters, after the '.' e.g. '.txt' '.rom' '.smc' etc)

    You need to be more specific with your questions.


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    Pick one first. Need to know what the firmware on yours is also.

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    try the Search cause there a lot of thread that have this type of nfo or go to the Official PSP Tutorials thread!


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