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    Help fixing problem with memory card catch on PSP

    I bought a new memory card yesterday for my psp (US one) and it was a bit tight going in. Foolishly, I forced it in and it was then stuck (later investigation revealed that the case was not properly closed hence it was too tight).

    I managed to get it out finally but seem to have damaged the locking machanism for holding the card in 'cause now when I put my old card in, it goes in and the spring mechanism still works but it does not lock in place - pushes the card out as soon as I remove my hand. Otherwise, still reads the card fine.

    Can anyone suggest how might fix this without taking the whole PSP apart (something which i do not relish). As a temporary fix, I have used a bit of bluetack to hold it in but would prefer a more permanent fix if possible. Another option I considered was somehow removing or breaking the spring so it is not urged out but don;t think I can get in to it to do that.

    Any suggestions?


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    The problem was that the memory card itself was nackered so would neither press in or out. I have used other cards and know how the mechanism is operated! Since I bought it in the US and am in the UK, a bit difficult to send it for repair.

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