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    Red Face Hello PRX thread!

    hey peeps, for the people who doesnt know what hello prx is, its a substitute for ur boot addon for ur custom firmware. and i made this thread so u can create ur on ascii txt !

    draw a small figure pic like my uploaded pic below its up to yo how big or small but if u make it big, its not good

    google to convert ur image with ascii by uploading ur image first and put the url on the first box of the link above.

    i put a smilling face and it looks good! make ur own ascii img and be creative
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails


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    hello PRX 1.5 help

    it boots my message every time i go to the smb, is there a way i can change it to launch only on startup?

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    **** u bhahahhaa
    we .[;wlg [peorfgmiopqwearm,f kldsagn]piefd

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