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    having some problems with umdgen

    When i drag psp_game and the umd data bin into the directory it says the psp_game is 0 size, and when i try to save as it says error? :??

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    Try opening the iSO file in UMDGen first... that's how I usually do it, and now that you can set the file limit in v2.01 it should allow you to open any PSP iSO image.

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    im trying to create an iso using this tutorial, and in step two umd data and psp games icons look the same

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    Ya, can't help you there... that Tutorial seems to be from another Forum so best to ask them since they made it. I told you how I would do it above... open the iSO in UMDGen v2.01, then make any necessary changes (swap PRX, etc) and save- That's what I do here. If you try my method and get stuck, then post back with specifically where you are stuck and we'll try to help ya.

    As for the link you posted from UMDGen, that is a dated Tutorial also... telling you to drag the files in, etc. With the newer UMDGen versions you don't have to do that.

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    I just tried to fix up LBA loctions by using the "Import FileList" option. I tried with padding set to "Default" AND to "None" - in both cases nothing happened after UMDGen had read the FileList.TXT.

    I exported a filelist from UMDGen to chek if the format of the one I gave it is OK - everything perfectly fine. Still no go on importing LBA addresses....

    Any ideas?

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