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    So does LOH2, but that game is up and running fine. Oh well, the wait continues....

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    Sep 2005
    the UMD works fine with new devhook, iso gives same error.. will do some testing on this.

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    Apr 2005
    I have the caravan release, and patiently waiting for a fix.

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    Gurumin is working with DHv43. you have the a bad iso dump. Look for a new dump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by juan2320
    Gurumin is working with DHv43. you have the a bad iso dump. Look for a new dump.
    I confirm that, my untouched dump of the game works fine on devhook 0.43!!

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    It works fine with the other release. Try it when you get it.

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    Untouched re-dump works, however when I remove update and padding, it just shuts down.

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    I got this game running using untouched iso with Devhook 0.44 fw settings 2.71 @ 222 mhz for some reason the 333 mhz kept crashing this was not the Caravan release. I'll check the Caravan one and get back soon ps people are saying that 0.43 is working but it did not work for this game for me .

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    RIGA-Gurumin.iso ---> not work at all
    RIGA-Gurumin.iso with cvn-gurumin-redump-fix ---> work with Devhook 0.44 fw2.6@333mhz or 2.71 @ 222 mhz

    BUT game freeze after play (out the house->shop->go back house->story->freezing)

    maybe i'll wait for eng version

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