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    Damnit i thought id have to do that, but its so damn big like that. Oh well...

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    It Work With Devhook V0.46 Firmware 2.71

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    Quote Originally Posted by longbaugh View Post
    It Work With Devhook V0.46 Firmware 2.71
    do you mean no slowdown in cso format?

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    Quote Originally Posted by godmode117 View Post
    do you mean no slowdown in cso format?
    i doubt it. All of the larger games have slowdown in cso. The only was to get it not to slowdown in cso is to change the compression level to a low level.


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    can you play your own mp3 music like a radio station?

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    alright so here it is, im running a hacked psp and vice worked before on 3.02oe-a upgraded to oeb still worked... now here is the fun part up'd to 3.03 oe-x non of the versions allowed it to run it just opened the game like normal then stopped on the black screen after the psp game boot... could use home to jump back to the xmb no prob. 3.10 oe-a and oe-a2 don't run it either so what ever... down graded to 1.5 then re upped to 3.02 oe-b and the same issue black screen of nothing.

    tried diff iso, cso, non compressed and compressed alike still nothing. the only things i can think of and havn't tried is: a the umd and: b formatting the stick (in progress of) anyone have any ideas any at all.

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    snakedemyan you just need to insert UMD in drive. Compatibility of NO-UMD in 3.xx OE firmware is very low. and if you really want to have no problems just buy demo disk. that's it.

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