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    i can't wait for this game either! when is it coming out?

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    Mar 2006
    It tells you in the top of this page October 17.

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    Hmmm, I heard that Sony always uses it's flagship titles to introduce new protection... but if a man can make it, another can break it

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    I'm looking forward to this game, what kind of multiplayer options will Rock* bring to us this time!?!

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    Oct 2005
    i can't wait for this game.. i hope it is different than the one that was on the ps2. you know like different levels and missions and what not

    and i bet when this get rels that it will require 3.0 firmware or more
    and it will have new protection in it making it harder for the devs and hackers to crack, but with people like mph and booster and that is just two out of sooo many people that work hard for me to play homebrew and oretty much anything on my psp.

    we will beable to beat the protection on vice citys and hey made be there will be another exploit like in the previous version.

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    Yea my friends and I had a lot of fun with the Liberty City Stories multiplayer, so im looking forward to some new game types... hopefully there will be a work-around for those of us with 1.5.

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    Jul 2006
    gta 3 was cool on ps2 and just as good on psp (except tomy verceti was cooler) and gta vice city was the best gta ps2 game. San Andreas was fun and huge and you could fly the planes but vice city just had a feel to it. I hope that vcs is just as good.

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    Stick Out Tongue

    wow, lookin forward to this so much. gta vc was by far the best gta between the three recent releases (3, vc, and sa)

    i wonder who we'll be playing as. possible lance vance? lol or maybe sonny ferelli. anyways, this game will rock. lets just hope all us 1.5'ers can play it.

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    since i cant edit my post, ill just put this here: I found a high quality shot of the box art so if anyone wants to inspect it some more, here you go in all of its 1153x1988 glory

    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails


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    I think..

    Yea the game is great. Good replay value.

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