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    Thumbs Up Great thing to do with your PSP!

    Look, Im instaling my psp like one friend did:

    this with a big memory card is a great choice!
    just plug into the audio-in of my car (I have ans sony xplod 8 colors) and. vuala!

    the lcd screen have the best image off all normals 7" lcd screen....

    so funny.

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    I've been staring at my dash ever since i got my PSP wondering how I was going to mount that puppy.

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    i sure hope some big manfacturers like Logitech, will make some sort of in-vehicle mounts.

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    I do the same thing with my Ipod
    Memory Stick are so expensive

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    Jun 2005
    how do u get music from ur psp to play on ur car speakers?

    Theres gotta be a way to connect the psp to the stereo, kinda like they did with cd players to tapes

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    I'm planing on getting one of thoose new cool car stereos with USB interface, then you can use any memory stick thingy with USB interface to stream the music to your car stereo, wonder if this will work with the PSP, that would be real sweet...

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    Apr 2005
    yeah it should work with a stereo with usb interface on it

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