[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=5][COLOR=Blue]G[/COLOR]ran [COLOR=Red]T[/COLOR]urismo SP Model Cars[/SIZE][/FONT]

Arctic White ZR1[COLOR=White]_____________________[/COLOR]Magmarot Red SLR

On PSN There was a Add on for Gran Turismo PSP released, this add on allows people to download some of the SP Model Cars. The add on Pack was slightly different in the US & the EU. The Arctic White ZR1 & Magmarot Red SLR were not made available in either (The ZR1 only available when getting the GT Entertainment Pack & The SLR was available in the US through Qore, but no longer is. In the EU the SLR is available through a Mini game on the EU GT Official site). The Black Veyron was made available to the US and not the EU (In the EU this is obtained with the GT Collectors Edition)

Ive made codes for all the SP Model car. With these codes you just need to enable the code and & buy the car, unless you already own a regular edition (Non SP Model) Then you can drive ANY SP Model you want..

The ZR1 or SLR code will change any ZR1 or SLR you Purchase into a White ZR1 or Red SLR as long as the code is enabled when you enter the dealership (They will say "SP Model", but the icon will be a regular color). When turned off & the game is reset the car will Stay as a Ghost in your favorites if saved to them, if not it will only appear in the car lot when the code is enabled.

You can enable 1 code or all of them at the same time, they do not interfere with each other.

AI Cars
This will also convert any AI controlled cars into the enabled SP Model (If a Veyron is one of the AI cars [or all three], when the code is enabled it will be the SP Model) So you can race 3 Black Veyrons with a White ZR1, a white ZR1 racing your Blue GTR R35, etc.


If you already own the car in a regular edition, enabling the code will change it to a SP Model while the code is enabled.


DO NOT Use The Favorite (Car saved to Favorites List) of the regular model car (Not the SP Model) when the code is enabled (It will crash the PSP) When the code is enabled you can save the SP Model to your favorites and it will keep the SP Model on your Favorites List with settings for later use, Just make sure you use the "SP Model" after the code is enabled.

The codes are formatted for CWCheat (Tested on US Copy of GT)

_C0 White ZR1
_L 0x216448D4 0x000005D0
_C0 Red SLR
_L 0x21644824 0x000005E1

Here are codes for the rest of the SP Model cars, if for any reason you cant get them from PSN.

_C0 Blue GTR
_L 0x216442CC 0x000005D1
_C0 Orange Lambo
_L 0x21644Ce4 0x000005CF
_C0 Black Veyron
_L 0x216450AC 0x000005D2
_C0 Yellow GT by Citroen
_L 0x2164525C 0x000005D6
_C0 Yellow Enzo
_L 0x2164512C 0x000005CE

[CENTER] Here is a Video of The Gran Turismo PSP SP Model cars


& The rest of the Crew

Special Thanks goes to Hardtofind for the original SP Model car codes.