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    Contributor slk69's Avatar
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    Is there any news on a release date for this game? I keep seeing release dates for quater 4 of this year... seems like ages away for such a potentially big game to be available.

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    hell yea! i'm waitin' for this baby too i'm curious if at 333 mhz speed, what will the game look like?

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    a little info

    here is some info for gt4 on psp. enjoy. http://www.gamespot.com/psp/driving/...smo/index.html

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    Interesting news, but a website has posted the release date for the 5th May!! This is only for the europe release as far as I can see. Check for yourselves!! http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/data/920775.html

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    has release date been confirmed yet?

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    You can bet your house on it that its gonna be one of those games that wont run in iso form!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by F34R
    I can see the security being so tight on this game, that you have to actually have a Sony employee load your UMD or else it won't play. lmao.
    lol, thatīs pretty tight.

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    nov-dec 2006 thats when youll see it in japan. march 07 usa

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    ... and in Europe it will be released on 23 February 2007
    that's polyphony digital disease hehehe
    always late, always late
    (but worth it imho)

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    i just can't wait. I do agree on the security, Hey you never now Let's see what happenz from here to then


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