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Thread: Ghostlight Introduces The Trails of Innocence PSP Combo Pack

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    Ghostlight Introduces The Trails of Innocence PSP Combo Pack

    Laughing Jackal Community Manager Ross Brierley has introduced The Trails of Innocence PSP Combo Pack today for PlayStation Portable fans.

    To quote: As the observant among you noticed, both Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky and Persona 2: Innocent Sin are out on the 4th November 2011.

    Here at Ghostlight we realize that this may put undue strain on all you PSP owners' wallets. That's why we've created a fantastic deal for you over on the Ghostlight Webstore: the Trails of Innocence Combo Pack, which features the Collector's Editions of both games, plus a stylish Persona 2 T-Shirt and a rolled A1 Trails in the Sky poster, all for 69.98, saving you a cool 10.

    In my last blog I mentioned that there had been a few changes to Persona 2: Innocent Sin since coming to the PlayStation Portable and so I thought I'd tell you a bit more about the improvements that have been made to this classic JRPG. Persona 2: Innocent Sin now features:

    Improved visuals

    • A new soundtrack in addition to the original's soundtrack
    • A new intro in addition to the original intro

    • The interface has been improved to take advantage of the PSP's wider display space.

    • You now have the ability to switch between difficulty settings freely within the game.

    The new Climax Theatre which includes lots of new optional dungeons and events for players to enjoy.

    Of course we can't forget about the other part of this amazing package

    The North American release of Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky has been receiving rave reviews and, at the time of writing, has a rating of 80 on MetaCritic.

    Trails in the Sky also features in's Top 10 PSP games of 2011, with the site commenting that: "Trails in the Sky has a reputation among importers for being a huge, well told tale full of meaty combat and great characters" and on Joystiq Jason Schreier called it the best JRPG you haven't played yet.

    One of the more enjoyable systems in the game is the orbment system which, as well as improving your character's abilities, is what controls which spells you have access to. Each character has a certain number of slots which are divided into rows, with each character having a different formation.

    In exchange for quartz you can get orbment fitted in an open slot where the most obvious effect for that an orbment will be listed. These effects range from an improvement to your stats, to gaining special abilities or gaining addition bonuses in battle. However, each orbment also has an elemental value.

    To decide your spell list, the game works out the total elemental value for an element on each line before using the highest value to decide which spells you can use. To make things slightly more complex, some slots are only able to hold certain types of orbment. I had a lot of fun playing around with various combinations to try and get the bonuses and skills I wanted, while trying to give myself access to the best spells as well.

    There's a lot of gameplay in Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky and my completed save time the first time I played through it was 54 hours 30 minutes and 29 seconds, however I did manage to miss out a few areas and sidequests in that playthrough, so you could easily spend more time in the game than that.

    Please head over to our Web site to find out more about both of these fantastic games.

    [imglink=|Ghostlight Introduces The Trails of Innocence PSP Combo Pack][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Ghostlight Introduces The Trails of Innocence PSP Combo Pack][/imglink]
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    I might be able to get this but I still admire the artwork of the characters.

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