February 14, 2007 - Comic book games and movies can be extremely difficult to make, simply because it's hard to capture the same magic that makes the stories work so well on the printed page. But while telling the story of classic heroes like The X-Men or the Fantastic Four is tricky, it's damn near impossible to accurately portray anti-heroes and their complexities. As a tie in to the upcoming theatrical release of Ghost Rider, 2K Games and Climax Studios took on the challenge of bringing the Spirit of Vengeance to Sony's consoles. Unfortunately, lackluster level design, repetitive enemies and an unimpressive combat system combine to make an extremely weak game. So weak, that your wallet will probably scream for retribution against you if you go out and purchase this game.

Well known comic book writers Garth Ennis and Jimmy Palmiotti wrote the story behind Ghost Rider, and set the action after the events of the film. Johnny Blaze, who sold his soul to save his father's life, transforms into the Ghost Rider whenever the blood of the innocent is spilled. However, the demon who acquired Johnny's Soul, Mephisto, has other plans for the Rider. It appears that Mephisto's son, Blackheart, and a number of demons from Hell have escaped and are threatening to jumpstart the Apocalypse. This supposedly disrupts the delicate balance Mephisto has with heaven, so he offers Johnny a choice he can't refuse. Either the Ghost Rider fights for him and destroys the rogue demons, or Johnny's girlfriend, Roxanne Simpson, is dragged into hell and possessed by Mephisto.

Get used to these creatures...You'll see them often.

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