Mad Catz published this [URL= Release[/URL] today on their new PSP GameShark Media Manager. To quote: The PSP is a revolutionary product that has the potential to transform the portable entertainment market," said Darren Richardson, President and CEO of Mad Catz. "The GameShark Media Manager represents another product extension that leverages the strength of our GameShark brand." The GameShark Media Manager:
  • Converts .jpg and .gif format pictures for slideshow playback on the PSP handheld gaming system
  • Allows users to download, convert and copy .MPEG 1 and 2, .avi, .mov, divx, format movies for playback on the PSP handheld gaming system
  • Features a user-friendly, drag and drop interface to manage and back up music, videos, pictures and game saves
  • Searches and transfers media files between PC, memory stick and the GameShark online database
  • Creates MP3 play lists and categorizes music by artist or genre for playback on the PSP
  • Offers the ability to easily transfer archived movies and photos from a PC to the PSP Memory Stick Duo
  • Contains a unique Mcode login system to access content on to prevent piracy
  • Includes an RSS news feed that constantly keeps players current on the latest PSP news
  • Features a capacity bar to show available free space on memory sticks

Mad Catz plans to distribute the GameShark Media Manager for PSP gaming system to its major retailers for a suggested retail price of $29.99. The software will ship with a USB cable for connecting PC to PSP. For further information on the GameShark Media Manager for PSP, or any of Mad Catz' other GameShark products, visit