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    GameBoy Color emulator for PSP updated!

    Update #2: Mr. MIRAKICHI has now updated his PSP GBC emulator to RIN v1.1b and shared the source code for it, with updates including the addition of both SOUND and savestates- Nice work indeed!

    Update: Although it still has no sound, today version 1.0 has been released by Mr. MIRAKICHI along with the source code for those interested, and it includes an SRAM save option now. In addition, Text Viewer v0.3 has also been released. Enjoy!

    A lot of activity has been going on despite one of Mr. MIRAKICHI's Web site mirrors dying, and today he has released an update to his previous GameBoy Color emulator for PSP. Those interested can grab the update from HERE, and based on the accompanied picture it appears the screen size has now been increased due to popular demand and also ROM File Selection is built-in... so no need to use ROM.GB any longer.

    In related news today, Mr. MIRAKICHI has shared two more cool utilities, namely BMP Loader v0.1 which displays images up to 480x272 24-bit (based on the GB selector file browser) and also Firmware File Explorer v0.1. Using the latter utility it IS possible (but tedious) to dump the v1.00 firmware file-by-file, however, the author did say a utility to do it all at once is coming soon. For those interested though, you basically select the file you wish, press O (JAP PSP only, and O is to confirm the choice), and the file will dump to FILE.TXT. Then simply connect to your PC and rename the FILE.TXT to what the file originally was- that's it! With the exception of examining them, the 1.00 dumped firmware files aren't too useful without the 1.00 installer which can't be dumped unfortunately. Finally, THIS picture was released of an upcoming PSP/PC/DS RPG from the same team. Cool stuff!
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