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Thread: FuSa v1.0 Build 41 - Fullscreen TV-Out Support for PSP!

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    FuSa v1.0 Build 41 - Fullscreen TV-Out Support for PSP!

    OldPrisoneR and Andy_maN have updated FuSa, a PSP Custom Firmware Plug-In that enables Slim owners to play PSP games on any television regardless of the input cable used - composite, component, S-video, D-terminal.

    Additionally, it features a full screen option which when activated will scale output to the width and height of your television screen, rather than being limited to a resolution of 480p.

    Build 41 features the addition of a full screen mode (as mention above), improved UMD compatibility, and a number of bug fixes. The complete changelog can be found below.

    Download: FuSa v1.0 Build 41 for PSP


    * UMD compatibility improved
    * Every game now works fine while plugin is disabled :)
    * Full screen mode # 1 added (Tested with SAMSUNG LCD 16:9 - works fine)
    * No more crash on exit

    [imglink=|FuSa v1.0 Build 41 - Fullscreen TV-Out Support for PSP!][/imglink]

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    kobi67 Guest
    im new and have questions... i download this homebrew and i installed it... i had few problems with the vsh.txt that file missing and i made my own. then finally i got it working then when its goes to the tv i see it about 4:3 on the left and right side i see think black border.. and the psp video on the tv isnt that great...

    i think im doing something wrong.. help me out plz

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    Sub27 Guest

    I have one question: is only for SD TV or for both SD and HD TV ?

    What is the best for an HD TV ?


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    vegita8888 Guest
    I've tested the plugin with a few of my games and am pleased to say that it keeps getting better and better. I'm playing on a SD 32" TV with a s video cable so the games look a little squished but it's so awesome to be able to play Initial D Street Stage on the TV.

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    aldostools Guest
    FuSa 1.0 build 45 is out and now with REAL full screen!!! It works in both SDTV and HDTV, with all kinds of TV-out cables for PSP (component, composite, etc.)

    Tested with God of War, Crisis Core and SnesTyl... they all worked perfect in my 37" LCD HDTV at full screen.

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