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    Apr 2005

    FuSa Custom Firmware Plug-In Build 47 for PSP released!

    Andy_maN has released an update to FuSa, a custom firmware plug-in that enables Slim owners to play PSP games on any television regardless of the input cable used - composite, component, S-video, or D-terminal.

    Build 47 features configurable hotkeys, "SpeeDBooster" support for emulated PSone titles, and the ability to alter screen position. Additionally, a detailed readme file in PDF format has been included in this release.

    Download: FuSa Custom Firmware Plug-In Build 47 for PSP


    * New SpeeDBooster now compatible with all PSOne games
    * New hotkey (DisableEnable plug-in)
    * Configuration file
    * Adjustable hotkeys
    * Adjustable screen position
    * No more "grab vram" option (use FuSa ScreenShot! instead of it)
    * New docs (PDF)

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    dustinmyles Guest
    Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH; as I have as of yet failed to acquire an HD TV, this plugin is an absolute necessity!... now if I could just manage to remember were I put those composite cables that "end" in a headphone jack -- which reminds me! What do you call those cables anyway? Is there a specific term?, or are they simply called Composite Cables that "End" in a Headphone Jack? If someone knows, I would greatly appreciate you saving me the "Google-time" (copyright dm&BBLPUII - 2008).
    copyright 2008: dustnmyles in association with Big Bang Lamenent Productions Unld. Intl. Inc.
    => "Composite Cables that end in a Headphone Jack"(pending)
    => "Google-time"

    Express written consent MUST be obtained from the creator(s) of the aforementioned in accordance with paragraph 3, of subsection 1b., as stated in Stipulation Clause IV-f.003 of the United States Patent Office, International Copyright Enforcement Agency, and the Global Initiative for acknowledging intercontinental Trademark Origination organization as signed under Mutual Respect for Liability and Compensation for violation of Trademark Infringement Treaty of 1979. Failure to comply with the laws and bi-laws concerning this agreement will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of inquest whereupon the legal ramifications of the party at fault can/will be prosecuted at the discretion of the "infringed-upon."
    (j/k... Its beyond dorky I know!, but as I am bored off my ass in class right now, I could think of nothing better to do at the moment! Maybe my Major should be in the field of drawing up convoluded legal contract?!?!! Hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it... which was NONE!!!)

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