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    Frobisher Says! for PS Vita Available to Everyone on PSN for Free

    Sony European Product Manager Mayumi Donovan has announced today that Frobisher Says for PS Vita is now available to everyone on PSN for free!

    To quote: Anyone that has received a PSN message informing them that a friend of theirs has poked an otter with a stick will be delighted to hear that Frobisher Says! is now available to all PS Vita owners for free.

    If you don't know what Frobisher Says! Is all about, here's an introduction from developer Ricky Haggett from Honeyslug:

    Frobisher Says is a surreal party game, where players must obey the whims of a strange little man called Frobisher, who is terribly spoilt and entirely used to getting his own way.

    He's terribly demanding and a bit frightening if crossed, but his orders are often quite whimsical - he might insist on players doing things like "poke an otter with a stick", "deliver my pudding on a toy train", or "smile at some ladies (but not at the badgers!)".

    He might even ask them to prise open all the clams in his spaghetti marinara - despite the fact that he doesn't even like clams.

    The game showcases all of the features of the Vita - from front and rear touch, to motion, camera, and face-detection, as well as traditional controls. It's designed specifically to be played with up to 8 friends, but you can play alone for high scores too, if you don't have any friends.

    There are over 50 games, each with a unique art style - we worked with a large and diverse art team from all kinds of backgrounds, from comic books to pixel art, collage to medical illustration - so that as the games change, the art does too, spiraling players down into Frobisher's crazy, confusing world.

    Frobisher Says! will be available to download on PS Vita with today's PlayStation Store update, and it's free. A DLC pack featuring 15 brand-new mini-games will also be released on May 2nd priced just €1.99/1.59.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    heartagram62 Guest
    When are they going to release some AAA titles for VITA, mines just sat collecting dust.

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    croft72 Guest
    Heartagram62 I HIGHLY agree with you. Enough of this kiddie looking crap that looks like its to be for 5 year olds. I don't want Frobisher Says! or Fat Princess. I want to play something worth playing.

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    ZAFDeltaForce Guest
    I hear you on that. Other than Uncharted 3, my Vita just doesn't get much AAA love.

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    Gweely Guest
    I bought the psvita for myself, but my boy seems to love frobisher, cant get on it anymore, lol!!!

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