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    ratboy3124 Guest
    Never seen a .pkg file and I do keep up with the PSP. I am assuming that is the package you get directly from the PSN and it installs the game. The original download that you would have got from the PSN does come with a license, so even if you were able to download this you would need a license. It is out there tho for people running CFW if you do a little searching.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    I should have read what was written on where I found the ISO. Apparently there is a program called NPDecryptor which can be used to crack the protection on downloaded games on the PSP. I'm not sure whether or not it converts it directly into an ISO if that needs to be done manually afterward.

    If there wasn't an ISO of it before, there certainly is now that Sony put the game up for free. People have already used NPDecryptor to redistribute what Sony gave out for free. Thanks Sony!

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    ratboy3124 Guest
    Yes, the ISO is already out there and they are using that tool to decrypt games that require OFW 5.55 and 6.00 to play on CFW's lower than 5.55.

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    Wonderkik Guest
    In order to play from the pkg, first you have to install it on the PS3, just like any demo.

    Then, you connect your psp (via usb) to your Ps3, then select the undead knights "demo" and it will install the game on your Psp...

    In fact, and to put it simply, you just use it as any Psp demo downloaded from the Ps3 store ^^

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Thanks for the explaination Wonderkik and +Rep (you're now a Jr Member so congrats)! So in summary, since you can't install most PKG files on the PS3 these days (unless you get them directly from the PS Store, versus PSN hotlinks) the easiest way to go is probably to grab the image floating around.

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    tjgraley1981 Guest

    hello new here but here is a little bit of info

    i found this after some searching on the net hope it helps it is i believe the installed version so u just plug it in ur games folder under ur psp here is the link to find it it is the jap version but will run on us psp


    Download the EBOOT (http://www.tecmo.info/product/un/trial/index.html) and make sure you install it to your PSP's Memory Stick under the folder GAME/NPJH90068.

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    tjgraley1981 Guest

    my bad

    hey i played the demo i listed above and it is only a demo wish.. i would have had my psp at the time this game was released for free. so what stops some one from just pulling the file off there psp and sharing it on the net as you can do with all other demos any ways?

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    kerikhaos Guest
    This is a good game, i'm thinking sony will face a burning from the company after a mistake like that.

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    Padawan Gatsu Guest
    Yea I got this luckily as a friend called me to tell me it was the whole game. What a goof on Sony's part.

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    seppe47 Guest
    i got the game. but the game is Japanese. is there a EBOOT file with the english language?

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