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Thread: Flash0 of PSP Emulator for PS Vita Dumped, Kernel / User Keys

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    Flash0 of PSP Emulator for PS Vita Dumped, Kernel / User Keys

    Following up on the recent rumor of PSOne game emulation support for PS Vita, today PlayStation Vita hacker The_Zett has made available a decrypted Flash0 dump of the PSP emulator for PS Vita which includes the kernel / user keys.

    Download: Flash0 of PSP Emulator for PS Vita Dump

    From his Twitter feed, to quote:

    An unknown VITA developer shared some interesting files, a little hint - PSP emulator and f0

    From The Z on PlayStation Vita developer wololo's forum (linked above) on the release, to quote:

    An unknown Vita developer has shared an interesting link some hours ago, which contains a full dump of the flash0 of the vita psp emulator - Including the kermit modules and the psvita kernel keys!

    This dump can lead some professional Vita developers to kernel access, which will give us the ability to play nearly every homebrew. Backup launcher could be possible as well, but for these ones a high rank developer would be needed for programming it.

    The developer says that he shared the files because he cant stand that davee wont share his work which makes him an ahole and a douchebag.

    Finally, the included ReadMe file also states the following: Here is decrypted PS Vita PSP Emu flash0 and its kernel/user keys. Why don't share them? Now everybody is as cool as Davee...

    [imglink=|Flash0 of PSP Emulator for PS Vita Dumped, Kernel / User Keys][/imglink]
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    ModderFokker Guest
    Nice ...its almost time to switch my Vita back on again

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    moja Guest
    Wow, much sooner than I anticipated! Thanks for this! All we need is some third party memory cards when the brew starts rolling out. Twin stick homebrew = awesome.

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    ils Guest
    anyone tell me what can we achieve with this dump ?

    at wololo's forum, they even not very exited about this...

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    blazr Guest
    No No no. stop this right here. We dont want no vita backup loaders. It will ruin the Vita scene like it did with the psp scene. All these guys only want CFW to pirate, not for homebrew.

    Look, Sony hasn't released an update to block VHBL yet so its kool, they don't mind at the moment since we are not stealing their games. The moment we find a way its going to be blocked. And so will the PSP Emulator like they did with linux on the PS3, doesn't anyone understand?

    Sonys released a free developer tool to be used for the vita and other platforms. Great, now homebrew people forget this hacking and starting developing homebrew with that. I'm sure if we make good homebrew and make a lot sony will let us publish it onto their store on a homebrew section if we ask.

    Can we please stop with the keys bs, i don't want this console going down the drain, keep homebrew to VHBL/Sony developer tools/PSP.

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    ModderFokker Guest
    Hahaha thing i've read on here in years

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    gfour Guest
    yes and if someone use a vita iso loader, i hope sony will brick the system remotely via satellite and not wifi, because wifi can turned off but not the installed satellite chip, they should choose who can use or hack his vita!

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    NTA Guest
    Pirating has its pros and cons. The minecraft guy open encouraged piracy and benefited from it

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    Bartholomy Guest
    YAY, go iso loader goooo. I'll buy a vita tomorrow, if someone release a backup manager. Someone gives this stuff to Deank, i dream of Multiman PSVITA, damn

    I pray every day to see a thread with psvita iso links on this forum, and a backup manager

    Oh, as expected, psvita scene has his bunch of drama queens

    Sony playstation = aholes, Microsoft Xbox360 = cool guys. Nothing will never change? A big hurrah to The_Zett

    p.s. And obviously, DIE, SONY

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    bub16 Guest
    from my understanding its for PSP not VITA. i don't think we will see any PS VITA isos any time soon.

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