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    First Time Using UMD Gen...

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    How do I start right away by finding a section to convert CSO into ISO? Also. Can you please provide me and first time users step-by-step what to do when open UMD Gen program for the first time? PLEASE? In my case, I do own PSP UMD game... and I'd like to convert them from CSO to ISO. Help me. This is for my personal purpose only.

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    If you're looking to learn how to dump your UMDs to ISO that isn't here and it doesn't involve UMDGen. You will have to search the PSP Chat section for a long thread on how to do that.

    As for converting CSO to ISO you should be able to open the CSO image in UMDGen and it should allow you to then convert/save to ISO format.

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    As PS3News Stated...

    I don't want to learn how to dump ISO...

    but how to convert from CSO to ISO. So, which section should I start off with first? I see several tabs in UMD Gen and I don't know where to start off with first. Please help me. Just give me a step-by-step to do that (to convert from CSO to ISO). Thanks.

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    Open the CSO image in UMDGen, then on the "Batch Image Converter" tab select Convert to ISO and press the 'Start Batch Conversion' button.

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    Okay... Please Bear With Me...

    I am little flustered. You see, in UMD Gen program, on the tab- "Open" - I clicked on it and choose Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force.cso which is now displayed on Explorer. Then I clicked on "Batch Image Converter" tab. Now, I am on that section - all I see is: The status is saying that it is "waiting for input" and on three options (on the left) - it says ISO, DAX and CSO. I clicked on ISO which has a green color in its circle... Now, all I have to wait is for the status to be completed, right?

    I apologize if I am slow with that, but I just wanted to learn to be the best as I can, you know? Sorry again. Thanks.

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    Yup, that is it!

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    Got It Now...

    Thanks a bunch. Last question... How long will it takes for the status to indicate that it is completed converting from CSO to ISO? Let's say that this CSO has 528 or 580 MB. But the next one I plan to convert- although, this time it will be for 1.25 GB. So, both should be fine. That will take a long time for it to be completed, right? Thanks a bunch again for helping me out with that and be patient with me. I appreciate that.

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    i bought a new psp , how should i load a game on memory stick to run which i downloaded from internet....any help

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    Wrong place for that here.. search for Tutorials in the PSP Chat Forum, check the STICKY threads, etc. UMDGen has nothing to do with loading/running PSP iSOs on the PSP.


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