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    Stick Out Tongue The first thing you're gonna do with the 1.5...

    Im gonna run in a circle and pass out at the thought

    ROCK ON PSP!!!!

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    Hello world!

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    Quote Originally Posted by solidous
    Hello world!

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    Apr 2005

    The first thing I'll do once 1.50 is exploited:

    Get a PSP to use it with…

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    Most likely d/l a SNES and GBC emulator

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    May 2005
    NES SNES Genesis

    What is the speed like on these anyways, 1.00ers?

    Also, what games does xmame support?

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    play breath of fire 2

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    I'm going to put on their little Hello World program, hopefully it will shut me up and work. If its a fake, I'll come here and rub it in haha.

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    Chrono Trigger

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    play Star fox

    still love that game

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