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    Newbie estorilblue's Avatar
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    Aug 2005

    Finder Love Fumina Hara PSP

    Anyone got this one to work? :??

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    Yeah I read that is works with DevHook v.44, the full version that is about 918mb cso'ed.

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    Tried the full verion with devhook 43, 44, and 45. Nothing works!!! It boots up and once it gets to the Capcom screen, the PSP just goes blank.

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    Whoops it turns out I was talking about the Finder Love Rina for PSP. I didn't know there was another game like this one.

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    There are actually 3 titles:

    Finder Love Fumina Hara
    Finder Love Hoshino Aki
    Finder Love Rina

    Both Rina and Hosino Aki works fine with devhook 45.

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    Do the women in this game actually take off there clothes?

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    Newbie narci's Avatar
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    Mar 2006

    I can get Finder Love Hoshino Aki to work. Finder Love Fumina Hara hangs after the CAPCOM logo. How do you play this anyways? I can't read japanese.

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    If you can't get Finder Love Fumina Hara to work it's because you got a bad dump. You can see buy open the ISO with isobuster and check the "se" folder. All files are marked with the red "X" that means corrupted.

    Try to get cso's image just like i did and it will works fine.

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    Newbie kojima1's Avatar
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    May 2005

    All of the Finder Love games worked for me in Devhook 0.46. You have to be able to read some Japanese to play though.

    You are supposed to be an amateur cameraman, and you have to take nice pictures of the models. It's very straightforward gameplay, snap the picture at the right time for the most points and rewards.

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    Newbie kumaaa's Avatar
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    Apr 2006


    This game (Hara) did not start in DevHook v.45. However, other (Hoshino) works operated.


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