Square Enix Ltd. has made the announcement that Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II will be released as individual games in the UK and in other PAL territories on the PSP.

The announcement came on behalf of the publisher Square Enix. The announcement stated that Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II will be released separately in all PAL territories and in the UK in early 2008 on the Sony PSP handheld.

The new versions will have re-drawn graphics as well as character art. There will also be exclusive brand-new dungeons never before seen, as well as 16:9 visuals.

An updated camera view is also going to give PSP owners a real treat as they can experience these two classic RPGs from a whole different view.

John Yamamoto, president and chief executive officer of Square Enix stated..

"Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II are the foundations of the Square Enix success story. They are the first two steps in the long and distinguished history of the Final Fantasy franchise. With these beautiful new versions, fans can now experience the origins of Final Fantasy wherever they go."

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