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    Apr 2005

    FIFA 07 for PSP

    This will be our official discussion thread for FIFA 07!

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    what's different from 06?

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    if any1 is having trouble to work or ripped i had to use umdgen 2.0 to replace the pad files,if i used 3.0 it caused a lba problem,also with same songs replaced by last years fifa its down to 840mbs.

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    Mar 2006
    is anyone can open the .bgb files ? i wanna to rip chants.bgb
    about the pad files, umdgen 3.5 works fine to rip it

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    werid umdgen 3.5 kept giving me lba errors,as i say remove the update,pad files and replaced some muisc files with fifa06 and it down to 840mb to fit on 1gb stick

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    No russian I think. Much better improvement on 06, plays like pro evo.

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    i don't think that fifa can compare to pro evo. pro evo is more realistc

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    real good game
    great ea

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    anybody playin online with this game...cos everytime i try i got disconnected from opponent it said that i lost connection to my if somboby got different result please post.....

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    Most people say that it's just the same as fifa world cup, i have to disagree, it feels much smoother and plays a lot better, not as good as pro evo's but fifa is getting there.

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