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    Fifa 07

    FIFA 07 games now is much better than 06 because the shooting and passing is improve a lot. Recommend to play this games.

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    can someone make a patch that doesnt remove the commentary please? soccer just isnt realistic without commentary

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    Jun 2006
    Any FIFA 07 ripkit with commentary pls...

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    As long as you have 897mb Free on your MS......

    Here's How to Squeeze all the Spaceout of the Full UMD Version(ISO),

    1st Extract all Files using WinRar or UMDGEN 3.0/3.5 or ISOmagic to the desktop, you should have PSP_GAME Folder & UMD_DATA.bin file,

    2nd Open PSP_GAME Folder & go in SYSDIR Folder then Open Update Folder,

    3rd Delete Contents of UPDATE Folder, not the FOLDER itself!!!!

    4th Go backwards to USRDIR Folder, open that & locate the following two files:- pad0.pad & pad1.pad delete these, as these are just wasting space!!!

    5th now we need to replace them with Dummy Files, to trick the game into thinking they are still there, here is How to.....

    6th Right click on desktop, NOT over an icon, choose New then Text Document, edit the name of the file to yes you guessed it:- pad0.pad

    7th Repeat step 6, but rename it:- pad1.pad,

    8th replace these two files back where you found the Originals in USRDIR Folder Remember!!!!

    9th Good Work, One more thing to do & that requires UMDGEN 3.0/3.5

    10th Open this Program up & Drag by left click onto PSP_GAME Folder, keep it pressed & Drag over Program Window, let go of Left Mouse Button & now do the same with UMD_DATA.bin file,

    11th good go to the third Icon from the left,(Save the Compilation as ISO),
    Click on that & tell the program where you want the ISO Made, (Eg. Desktop).
    Wait until it finishes, and there you go, your Ripped down .ISO

    I Hope this helps people out there..........Have Fun!!!!!
    Last edited by UK KingPep; 10-01-2006 at 02:50 AM Reason: Spelling Mistake

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    this game runs very good i am gonna go out and buy it its awesome i hope its the same for ps2

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    is there any ripkit that keeps the commentary with out its kinda of boring ......

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    Jul 2005
    worked a treat ... ripped the pad files and the update folder out ciso'd it and now have full game with commenty that fits on a 1 gig ... cheers

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    has some played this game online or not? for me it hangs.

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    this game keeps locking up with the commentary or somthing, pissing me off

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    Apr 2006
    have to definately agree that its much better than '06, but gameplay does not compare with pro evo unfortunately for evo still has more realism to it... but for now..fifa 07 for the win! untill the next pro evo is out!

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