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    May 2006
    i hope this one is better thn 2006 .... looking forward for it!

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    I just deleted the pad and update-files and nba movies. But how can I relink movies ???:??

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    I also hope its better then FIFA 06 for PSP )^ was alright but the not comparable to the PS2 version

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    Feb 2006
    Has anyone gotten this game to work over Usb ?

    My results are. it works great off of the Ms. but when I try to do it through USB, the game boots and the menus are all there but as soon as I select anything as to play it the music all of a sudden freaks out and the game locks up.

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    Jul 2006
    ea has given us another great hit... compared with 06.. i like it..

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    Apr 2006
    Is there a rip for this game so that the commentary isnt taken out?

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    Jun 2006
    ok so i have always been a fifa fan but i heard pro evolution soccer was a very realistic game some even said better than fifa. i was wondering if anyone who has played both could just post the differences between the two or just the strengths and weaknesses of each game. i am getting fifa 07 as I speak but i would liketo know if it is worth trying out pro evolution 07

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    Best Fifa So Far.. Really Good Game!

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    Very nice game. More difficult to win the ball back from opponent.

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    I'm Beginner for FIFA07! However very funny game!!

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