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    Mar 2006
    keep us updated, i bought a psp just to play this game!

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    game works if:

    1) You replace prxs with, for example, swbf2 / mga2,
    2) you have a profile (ie. savedata) on the MS already (as you can't create a profile or it crashes). grab a savegame from somewhere.

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    Nov 2005
    hi folks... take this savefile from the game and then you can play the whole game (include starting new campain, training mode, versus battles, save and load etc.) but first you must change the prx in kmodule folder with the ones from starwars battlefront.. except usbacc.prx and usbmic.prx and then rebuild it and you can play with daxziso 0.62 over runumd loadexec or with this new modifying from dark alex over the pc thru the usb-cable with runumd direct. here is the savefile!

    have fun!!

    SaveGame file added to the Field Commander FiX as it's required for that. -Staff
    Last edited by ronboy; 05-23-2006 at 03:20 PM

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    Thx a lot ronboy - hoped it will be that easy I'll test it asap... cya

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    Jul 2005
    sweet so it works in dax format? not that it really matters sense we can play it thourgh usb now but would be nice for when i want it on a msd. over a gig is pretty big i do have a couple of 2gb cards but they are full. thanks ronboy for the save file

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    May 2006
    just checked up on this at work. looks f-ing sweet, can't wait to try when i's get home.

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    Mar 2006
    Great job guys! I tried it and it worked in dax runumd loadex ram off and tried fieldcommander.iso.dax and it worked as well

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    wow, I've never done any of this. I've used ISO's and run games like king kong and syphon filter, but that's it. Can Ronboy or one of the others give me a step by step on how to do this? I have star wars battlefront ISO, but how do I get the files I need from it, etc? A quick step by step would be very helpful! Thank you.

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    He means exactly what it says!! Load the iso with Daxiso 0.62 with the runumd loadexec option. Think the "over" is confusing things Also thanks for the save mate. Looking good

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    Thanks ronboy, this is one game that i have been looking forward to play. long live advance wars

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