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    Quote Originally Posted by Nixdawg
    Has anyone else tried this game yet using the SNES emulator? All the Marios work except for the original Super Mario. Everytime I select that game my PSP shuts down.
    i think ur right, i tried it, and mine shuts down on that one game inside all stars as well. i wonder why..

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    Quote Originally Posted by silvershadow
    which one does anyone think is the best zelda? (out of nes, snes, and gb)
    I would say Link's Awakening or LA DX for Gameboy or Gameboy Color.
    I always felt that the SNES one added new features not because they were necessary, but because there were more buttons to make use of.

    The Oracle of Seasons/Ages were followups to LA, but I'm not convinced they're as good. I own Ages, and lost interest about halfway through. Possibly because I got a PS2 or GBA soon after...

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    twat all that

    someone code a c64 emulator for some real old school action

    the last ninja
    Usagi Yojimbo
    bubble bobble
    IK+ (kicks all the street fighter games into touch)
    little computer people (twat tamagotchi!)

    ahhh..........the memories

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    Haha IK+ with the great sound effects, still a classic!

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