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    t3m3st - excitebike works fine for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muha
    t3m3st - excitebike works fine for me.
    I can confirm it works here in NesterJ also.

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    Streets Of Rage 2-3
    Splatter House
    Keith Courage

    Also I cant think of any good 16 bit top down shooters, any ideas? games like R Type.

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    i really enjoy playin the Gb emulator, because it runs fast, and its not as old as nes. but the problem is, i cant think of any fun games to play. the only game i used to play was pokemon on my gameboy pocket...u know how it was, i was a kid stuck in that stage when pokemon was popular....but now, i find pokemon very ANNOYING on gameboy. i was wondering if anyone could list some good lookin for super mario type games...simple action adventure games...i dont like those overhead view games where they take 40 years to clear (like zelda types on nes,gameboy,snes)..i like zelda, but only on N64...i was also lookin for some fun racing games for (snes, nes, or gear (snes) style games

    and lastly, games that are simple like donkey kong for nes..where you have three lives, and when u die, u could easily let someone else play and get a like that are good for when there are more than two people, with only one that start fun, and stay fun until you die, i dont like those games with stories...would really appreciate mainly lookin for gameboy games, but nes and snes would be great as well. thanks alott everyone

    im not really a fan of sega genesis or other systems, but if there is anything fun there as well, that would be cool..although, i never tested any of those emulators

    thanks in advance
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    Sega Genesis - GOLDEN AXE

    It's a side scrolling game similar to those Double Dragon kinda games but even funner, as you use swords and magic and face cool enemies.

    I have played that game for the last 15 years, first on the PC, and even though the game is short and i have finished it numerous times, i just LOVE playing it over and over again. Hint: use the dwarf and jump-and-hack the whole time... also against the bosses just run and then hit (press the direction pad in the same direction twice quickly, then press the attack button).

    Looking forward to playing Golden Axe 2 for Genesis soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3News.COM
    I can confirm it works here in NesterJ also.
    You gotta post your favorites too And zelda for the nes does not take long to beat at all. I beat it at work in between calls. Everyone has been listing their favorites in that format, so just browse through what everyone put.

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    Jun 2005
    Had a gemini system that played atari games when I was rocked.
    Then..back in 85' that Christmas was the best! i was 9 and I got my nes...(You can do the math to find out my age now ) (I am old - school.)

    My favorites:

    Tron Deadly discs

    Elevator Action
    Life Force
    Castlevania 1 and 2
    Ikari Warriors
    Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2
    T&C Surf Designs
    Skate or Die
    KUNG FU - I love Kung Fu!
    Nintendo Golf (First game I got, the only game dad would play too)
    Wrecking Crew
    Ninja Kid
    Chubby Cherub (Was weird but fun.)
    THE LEGEND OF KAGE - Crazy Fun
    Kung Fu Heroes
    Marble Madness
    10 yard fight

    God.... I am sure there are more oh yeah Tag Team Wrestling by Data East.
    Mmmmm that's it for now.
    Thanks for Reading!

    Oh man forgot Mega Man 1-6 and Zelda 1+2!
    Ok Later!

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    hehe nice choices

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    Super Mario All Star and World

    Has anyone else tried this game yet using the SNES emulator? All the Marios work except for the original Super Mario. Everytime I select that game my PSP shuts down.

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    thanks alot for lists of games, im going to try all of them

    my OKAY games on my psp right now are:

    bust a move 4
    pokemon blue
    pokemon pinball
    balloon kid
    frogger 2
    looney toons
    street fighter alpha
    pokemon red
    pokemon yellow

    donkey kong country
    dbz hyper dimension
    mortal kombat 3
    nba hangtime
    bart's nightmare
    sonic blast man
    street fighter alpha 2 (im surprised this worked, cause it doesnt work on ANY emulator for pc and ps2 that i tried)
    spiderman maximum carnage
    super mario rpg - legend of the seven stars
    super metroid
    super mario all stars
    super mario world

    bomberman 2
    bubble bobble
    donkey kong classics
    donkey kong jr math
    ice climber
    ivan ironman sterwart super sumting...
    kung fu
    megaman 2
    pac man
    prince of persia
    spy hunter
    super c
    super mario bros 3

    i know i have alot, but not EVERY game is very fun, i guess im going to give zelda a try, which one does anyone think is the best zelda? (out of nes, snes, and gb)

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