Developer Ivolgamus has today announced details on a brand new puzzle title available exclusively for the PlayStation Portable; Fading Shadows.

Due for release in February 2008, Fading Shadows presents players with the task of ensuring the survival of a man named Erwyn, who's prophesied death will allow an evil being known only as Gardal to walk freely through the gates to the Castle of Heaven; an ancient establishment built to ensure the safety of the world against the forces of darkness.

Utilizing a powerful beam of light in conjunction with the very orb that houses Erwyn's soul, players must work their way through a series of missions by taking advantage of the orbs manipulative abilities, allowing you to change it into wood, metal or glass to overcome various obstacles.

Over 40 single player missions will be included along with a further 10 levels exclusive to multiplayer, as you explore locations including castles, abandoned cities, treacherous mountainous regions and swamps.

"Fading Shadows has been an exciting journey for us. We have concentrated on the detail in all areas of development and have received encouraging feedback from SONY at all the development milestones", commented Victoria Trofimova, Managing Director at Ivolgamus.

Stay tuned for more information on Fading Shadows as soon as it becomes available.

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