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    External USB HD copy to PSP MS Duo Possible?

    Does anyone know if anyone is working on something that will make this happen...

    I've ordered a rechargeable external 2.5" HD from Ebay. It comes with various card slots on it and the idea is that photographers use it as a photo vault. I.E. You fill up your SD card with pics, take the card out of your camera, slot it in the HD, it automatically backs everything up to the HD and then you put it in the camera and reuse it again. When you get home you attach the HD to your PC and drag the pictures across.

    My idea is this. Could someone come up with a piece of software that can manipulate what is on a HD attached to a PSP by USB. If so I could navigate to a directory of PSP isos on the HD then drag and drop to my PSP Memory Stick. That way I could carry around 100+ GB of isos on my holidays and only keep the ones on the MS that I want.

    Anyone know of any work being done in this area?

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    We don't need YET ANOTHER thread on this topic - Please use the existing threads.

    This topic has been covered in some detail waaaay back when the PSP first came out. If you try using the SEARCH option you might find answers to your questions.

    Because i'm nice - try one of these threads:-
    Laptop HD to PSP?

    PSP and mini USB Hard Drive
    an idea to get ipods to share data with psp's
    And there may be others out there too - but these are what I found when performing a quick SEARCH.

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