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    Explanation to menu glitching

    I am sorry if what i say is confusing now, I am under the influence.
    But all this stuff about secret menus is about a menu gitch. What can be done with that i dont know.

    The original idea is that when you are in game. You hit the home key, and then you repeatedly hit x as you are coming back to the menu screen. When you do this you get a secret menu on the umd disc. Its the movie options??

    Well I found out that if you hit the dpad you can go down the "secret" menu. You can access your network options, your picture options, ect.
    This menu glitch is also available on memory games.
    To get this to work you must start you game up(1.5,1.0,151)"All versions", if you have one where it crashes. It will say The game could not be started. (80020001). Hit O to go back and then hit x repeatedly and press on the dpad up and down 1 or 2 or 3 times. Time it right to get into whatever menu you want.

    If you hit the dpad left and right you can acess the main menus.

    I hope this helps someone(My first real contribution).
    This shows alot about the code invovled. Maybe someone will get a idea to exploit it.

    I would add screenshots, but my cams broke. But anyone with a camera and a psp can do this and should take ss's of it.
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    yeah, big found, but that is usefull?

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    who's the same menu under system settings...calling it a secret menu is misleading....It's a glitch for sure...

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    After tinkering more with this Ive discovered a few more things.

    Turn your sound all the way up when you try this, withought even hitting x, you can hear the menus changing. If you hit x before the previous menu opens up, it will open up the menu that you landed on.

    Not only can you scroll up and down your home menu, you can scroll left and right among the Settings Photo Music Video Game menus.

    This shows that psps programming is very procedural, and I hope someone can maybe figure out a exploit or some kind of buffer overflow exploit by understanding more how the psps mini os works.

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    ok i did it and it said to plug the usb!? weird!

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    Yeah...that's exactly what I said earlier....I think I was just ignored though....

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