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    No european psps came with anything less than v1.5.

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    Can anyone confirm this?..sure sounds intersting!..

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    I tried the technique explained in the post above, (first one), and it did not work, my PSP got pissed off when I took out the disc and rebooted after I put the 1.5 in.
    A crying shame tho..

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    @arvidlu: Did you try sticking the UMD detect switch down when you did this? (see post 3 - posted by ps3news)

    I'm just asking because i'm interested - i have a 1.5 JAP, am not likely to upgrade, but keeping my ears to the ground anyways!


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    No, I didn't.. it seems kinda dangerous, plus if the technique didn't involve the detect switch then it probably doesn't work anyways.

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