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    Unhappy Emulators

    How does one get these emu's loaded on a psp i.e Megadrive/Genesis emu i looked in the txt file but i cant read jap lol ... any info or tut would be great

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    creat a sub folder(with the name of the emu) in the games folder on your psp memcard then put the EBOOT.PBP and roms on the same folder and remember what the admin said for the megadrive/genesis emu (Be sure to rename all your ROMs to .SMD files as the emulator currently doesn't accept .BIN extension files. Overall, cool stuff!)

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    [kinda off topic]

    heh - i've been telling people to be patient with regards to waiting for these emulators etc to appear on the 1.5/1.51 firmware, but now there's a wonderswan colour one i'm close to bursting! i really hope some real progress is made soon - i'm not fussed about umd rips etc - i just want my retrogames

    [/kinda off topic]

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