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    the only ones that are capable of burning or pressing umd's are sony. none of the developer kits include a umd burner. developers have to give sony the files to be pressed onto umd's. therefore its prolly a fake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerrehope
    I don't know, I mean the plastic covers are totaly different from the original
    You're right! Maybe the casings are homemade from an injection mold or something...? The clear sides are different than original UMDs - take a look at one if you have it and compare them.

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    Did anyone think, this could be the company that supplies the blank UMD's to Sony.
    And this guy is showing off that he can get blanks.

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    Read the thread at IGN these are from the company that makes the blanks.

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    Yep, those are confirmed fakes... good fakes though!

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    hard.... but probably possible... but PSP UMD Discs are dual layer discs

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    Ya the Dev kit has no UMD burner, they have to burn it to DVD and run a cable to the PSP to test.

    They do have PC UMD readers, not writers (to the best of everyones knowledge)
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