July 11, 2007 - PSP gamers waiting patiently for Sony's announcement of its PlayStation Network features (including PlayStation Network buddy lists and online play, PlayStation Store purchases, and the HOME gaming network) were shut down yet again as Sony made no mention of plans or even intents of bringing these incredible and useful features to its PlayStation Portable. Adding more salt to the wounds, the Sony has announced that cellphones will be able to interact with Home.

So, where are our buddy lists? Our stable online servers? Our PSN games? (And why we're at it, why is echocrome being made for UMD on PSP but as a download on PS3?) At this point, who knows -- Sony did announce a new hardware iteration of the PSP that lasts longer on batteries and is more portable, so this would have been the perfect time to give us some hope for handheld online features, but we PSP games are still in for a cold shower with the aches we have over yet another denied chance at PSP nookie in HOME.

Look for more frustration and heartbreak (unless Sony decides to shock us and give us what we want) next time IGN has coverage of what Sony is not planning to do with its PSP system.

Thanks to IGN.com for sharing the news with us!