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    Dumb Question?

    I have what may be a Dumb question, I have read many post about compressing ISOs to fit a certain size MS. If a UMD holds a max of 1.8 GB how do you extract that image to a 1 GB MS. Is there a utility that allows you to extract your UMD to your PC harddrive and then compress it from there and then transfer it back to your PSP? Or are you gathering ISOs from sources online. Any info would be great.

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    It might just be me, but I think thatís more than one question. All of the questions you have asked are already answered in various threads, but I couldn't hurt to have them all in one place for all those lazy people out there. (You know who you are! ^_^)

    OK, here goes.

    1. You cannot "compress" an ISO to be used in a PSP; you can however RIP an ISO. To RIP is to remove or replace "unnecessary" files from an ISO lowering its size.

    2. True, UMD's can hold 900MB per layer, to a maximum of two layers. However no game as of yet has reached close to that, the largest being about 1.2GB, I think.

    3. There is no way to get access to the outside from the PSP as of yet ( ^_^; ) UMD's can only be dumped to the MS. There is a program that allows you to dump single files onto the MS UMD RIP UTIL . You could dump a 1.8GB UMD using this program, bit by bit, then reconstruct the ISO on your computer.

    4. As I stated before there is no way to "compress" an ISO but you can RIP it using a RIP Kit or the generic ripping tool UMD ISO SHRINKER , but how much the size will be reduced is unique to the ISO.

    5. Once all this is done you should hopefully be able to put your large ISO on your PSP, but then again maybe not.

    Always glad to help.


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    You stated that you can dump the file bit by bit, but when the program starts, it just starts going and it's not like you can choose the files. Or can you...I'm just trying to get a grasp on how I could rip a game like MLB (1.2 gigs) onto a 1 gig stick, remove the useless files, and then reconstruct it. Any help would be appretiated...

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    If there was support for tar or rar files, that'd be awesome...

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    Indeed, the PSP_UMD_Dumper_Alpha_v0.001 will allow you to dump a whole UMD to the memory stick as an ISO.

    I have even written a PSP UMD Dumping Guide on how to use the program, just remember that using this method you will need a memory stick big enough to fit the game on in one go.

    Always happy to help


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