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    DTM Race Driver 3 Challenge PSP

    Game is out...


    Toca Race Driver 3 is the ultimate racing experience with more variety of autosport than any other game on the market. Featuring 6 thrilling autosport genres rendered in extraordinarily-realistic detail:

    GT, Touring Cars, Off Road, Open Wheel, Track and Classics, its
    effectively 6 games in one!

    Filenames... :

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    Apr 2005
    Added to the Master List- Thx!

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    so can someone tell me how to get the rip kit working, as theres no batch file in the ripkit. Sorry for posting this request again (already in R&C), but don't know where I'm going wrong here

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    I think .000 is the first file.

    Now someone help me with the ripkit

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