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    Apr 2006

    Driver 76 PSP

    Publisher: Ubisoft
    Category: Racing
    Release Date: 10/05/07

    Gear up for more Hollywood-style car chases as Driver tunes up an all-new action-racing saga set in the heart of the 1970s, two years before Driver: Parallel Lines. Explore an authentic, open-world 1970s New York environment (with style and soundtrack to match) that stretches across the Big Apple to Coney Island and into the depths of Jersey. Cruise the streets or seek action on foot. Complete 27 missions spanning 6 main plots, all created exclusively for PSP. Collect multiple vehicles, cash in on side jobs, and use your earnings to customize your cars. Multiplayer options include Destruction Derby, Pink Slip Racing, and other mini-games. You can also download new paintjobs and other aftermarket add-ons..

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    driver 76

    This game came out today

    1.35 GB

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    working fine 3.40 -oe

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    Jun 2006
    yes sometimes it lags when you are already driving...i see that the ms is reading coz of the flickering red light on the left

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    May 2007
    Ripped and CSO'd to around 500mb. Intro movie stutters a bit but other than that plays fine @ 333mhz.

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