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    Banned User
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    Stick Out Tongue Downgrade v1.50 Firmware to v1.00!

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    One Chinese said he has succeed to downgrade v1.50 version PSP to 1.00...

    1. You need a WIFI card, for example a DLINK DWL122.

    2. Set your dwl122's IP, then you must set PSP's NETWORK SETTINGS as INFRASTRUCTURE MODE and SSID is your dwl's IP, and then go to PSP's GAME SHARING to connect your PSP and PC, or you can use KAI to try.

    3. Then you must use port-scanning software such as SuperScan 3 to scan the port which your PSP has. Usually it's in 31XXX~62XXX. The English version of SuperScan 3 is HERE for download.

    4. If you have successfully scanned the port, you can login to your PSP in Internet Explorer for example:

    Then you can see the file folder in your IE. There is 2 pics attached below this post. Finally, you can replace the folder, but you can't replace "data" files. I think it's possible to use the PSP v1.0 version firmware in circulation, but it doesn't include the installer.

    I'm sorry by my poor English... read on another forum and am trying to download and try myself.
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    SuperScan_v3.00.gif   Flash_v1.00.jpg  
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    Yea I'd be VERY warry about this... until someone confirms it works that is Don't really have the tools needed to try this, nor do I think I have the fortitude to try it.

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    i am trying to do it at mo but cant get me poxy psp to connect bloody thing...
    if anyone can just connect can they confirm and ill risk the rest sod it...

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    I tested this with my DWL-122, I cannot find a port to connect with.

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    An @perator in our iRC Chat room tried and had the same issue unfortunately...

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    I managed to find a port but couldnt connect on internet explorer my port was 45100 i used Advanced LAN Scanner make sure you go to options and select port range otherwise it only scans 66 ports but i did find aport just couldnt go any further

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    Hmm, I would try, but I don't hava a PSP yet. ;(

    It does however, look pretty legit... Hmm.


    Then again, someone could of just made it look like it was accessing the PSP through the IP. I mean why would $ONY allow that functionality?

    Here's something I just did.
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    Last edited by Eman; 06-07-2005 at 06:42 PM

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    Ya that is old news hehe... and unfortunately we don't allow links to it here, but without the v1.00 Installer it isn't much use for the time being anyway.

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    i just !huggled my computer.. <3 having emulators on my PSP soon! If this guy scams whos coming to China with me to beat the hell outta him?

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    another thing with downgrading... you are using the PSPs firmware to have your computer connect to it. im not sure with the psp, but i kno with computers u cant overwrite a file while it is in memory. does this hold true with the psp?


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