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    jimski Guest

    Downgrade my psp

    Hello im interested in downgrading my 2.82 psp.

    Im not really sure how to do it safely so i decided to make this post after i searched the site and could not find any info on downgrading a 2.82. I even looked around the net and could not get a straight deal on how to do it. I looked behind the umd drives door and did not find any mother board number's so i could not go the the general internets way of doing it. Any one that could help me out in detail would be greatly appreciated.

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    Apr 2005
    I am sure there are several out there, but a quick search for me turned up this thread:


    That is for 3.11 FW to downgrade, meaning you'd have to update your 2.82 to 3.11 and then use that providing you had the Lumines disc required. I am sure if you spend some more time searching you could find an older downgrader without the need to upgrade first though. In any case, good luck!

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    jimski Guest
    Oh ~! got it now upgrade to 3.50 then go down to 1.50. All i need is a lumines disk now thanks

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