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    Does Swaploit v1.50 work on JP version PSP?

    I have a JP version PSP and follow the guide,it's work!!!! but just first time , when i turn off and turn on the PSP ,it's told me "Corrupted DATA" ,any help?

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    Apr 2005
    I have a JP 1.50 PSP and it works fine. Does it show corrupted data at startup or at the MS menu?

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    On MS menu

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    Apr 2005
    Thats normal! Stick in your first memorystick and load your homebrew from there. The second memorystick contain the data.psp and the first one contain the loader. Thats why it shows corrupted!

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    Apr 2005
    works fine on mine, JP 1.50

    been swapping since its release and no problems

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    Jun 2005
    Also works on mine jap-PSP 1.5

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    same here

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    very thanks to menist.
    But i have a question.If i want to load homebrew programs,i must load from first memorystick and swap to second memorystick again at every time ,it is right?

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    yes, everytime..

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    Bad News! anyway, thanks

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