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    Registered User wulfie66's Avatar
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    Question DevHook via USB/WiFi

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    Hey guys,

    This may sound like a dumb idea/question, but does anyone know if it's possible to run backups off a dvd via the usb function of devhook? Could I just burn my backups and the usbhostfx.exe to DVD, run the exe and access my backups off the dvd? Anyone tried this yet? Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.


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    Well I hope Someone Makes a Wi-Fi Mod for Devhook as it would make my PSP portable again instead of me sitting 2m from my computer

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    Funnily enough I've just done something like that. A USB connection to my Laptop, that is wirelessly (56 g) connected to my PSP games on a network Hard Drive. Trust me, the loading is slow enough now for me not to bother doing it again. God only knows how slow it would be using 802.11 b connection :??

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    never got the usb mod to work so i dont care if it goes wifi or not. i would have wish that the usb mod would have worked for me.. but oh well.

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    Very good question. Burning a disk right now to test the theory....

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    When it is possible to start with Wi-Fi certainly, it is convenient. However, I think that the stress's there under the present situation and playing with Wi-Fi cannot the enough reproduction even of animation with a high bit rate are severe.

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    i have all my isos on dvd.. works great!

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    I dont understand why Wi-Fi should be slow for this, my router says 54mbps, I think thats almost as fast as USB. At least I ran speed tests of USB HDD vs. 100Mb network, and speed was very similar.

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    I also think if it's possible the battery would run out very quick using Wifi. So you might still be connected, only to the power adapter ^_^

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    Yep, but that doesnt bother me at all, coz I can plug the power adapter anywhere, no need to sit near the computer. In fact, I play like that all the time, coz I always forget to charge my psp. Another thing - I think its very silly to play PSP near computer, you could've just played some PC game instead (better GFX and screen size).


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