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    Dead to Rights No UMD

    Hey I am having trouble with the dead to right no umd... I extract the file and you ppf-o-matic to patch the iso. then use kxploit to put the two folders in PSP\Games, can some one tell after I rename PSP_GAME to DTR_GAME where am I suppose to put that folder?

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    DTR_GAME goes in the MS root itself, along with the game's UMD_DATA.BIN file.

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    ok... I added the DTR_GAME and the UMD_DATA in the PSP folder and its still not working, also I put the files in the MP_ROOT folder and still nothing. Here what I do:

    1. I use PPF-O-Matic v3.0 to patch PSP_DEAD_TO_RIGHTS_USA_NOUMD.ppf to the ISO YSA-DTR and it says BINBlock/PaychValidation failed and I just continue and it goes through

    2. I use kxploit to put the eboot file from the %DTR folder on the PSP... the DTR folder won't load the eboot file in it

    2. The I take the PSP_GAME and the UMD_DATA and extract them from the iso using isobuster rename the PSP_GAME file to DTR_GAME

    after that I don't know where to move the file everwhere I tried to put them I get "game cold not be started"... also I am using a SanDisk 512mb Memory stick duo Pro. I don't know what I'm doing wrong?

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    At step #1 is where the issue starts... it should tell you "Patched Successfully" rather than an error. Make sure you have the correct release, and that you don't apply the patch to the .iSO itself, but to the extracted BOOT.BIN file from the iSO. Then it should say it patched successfully and you can move on to the next step.

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    alright I patch the boot.bin with out any error but it is still won't play do I just put the files in the PSP folder were the SAVEDATA is and other folder are... or do I put it somewhere else.... and am I putting the right eboot file on?

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    Once you patch the BOOT.BIN successfully, then just follow the steps bolded below:
    Extract Dead_To_Right_Reckoning_USA_PSP-YERSiNiA and rename PSP_GAME to DTR_GAME. Copy this folder to the root of your memory card and replace the DTR_GAME/SYSDIR/BOOT.BIN with the ppf patched one, install eboot.pbp in /PSP/GAME/ (if you have 1.0 just make a folder like /PSP/GAME/DTR and copy it there if u have 1.5 use kxploit)

    Note: To install EBOOT.PBP as mentioned above, simply copy the DTR and DTR% folders in this zip to the /PSP/GAME directory on your PSP MS.
    Basically, the rest of the game files go in DTR_GAME (which should be in the root of your MS), and the launcher files can be copied over or installed with KXploit to the /PSP/GAME directory. If you did everything correctly (including replacing the BOOT.BIN for the patched one) then it should work fine for ya.

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    Try using the WAB 2.5f loader and then all you have to do is put the extracted iso in the memory stick root renamed to DTR_GAME or whatever you like as long as its 8 characters, start up the loader and hit x on the folder, the patching is done for you. I just gave DTR a go and it started up NP with this version of loader.

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    ok... thanks guy I just used the WAB 2.5f and it work great.... I just have two question for it. does it work with all games? and how would I load another game on the same ms?

    also for some reason when I don't load a profile for DTR it stays at the loading screen for a long time.

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    you have to put DTR_GAME in the root of your memory stick. next time do a little search too, this topic have been discussed.

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