Update #3: NtRnOs released DevHook Evolved Fastloader MPH v1.1 Loader For PSP today, which is a small update of the original version (from below) that patches Fastloader with MPHGameLoader v1.1. In related news, Chossy released DAX ZISO iR Shell Loader For PSP, and whackawookie shared DevHook RunUMD Loader For PSP.

Update #2: Shahrukh_Pro has now shared DevHook DAX ZISO Loader v2 NO UMD For PSP which is essentially two modified versions of DevHook to lauch DAX ZISO without inserting a UMD in the PSP drive. In related news, DragonUK has released DevHook Evolved Loader Ultimate Edition NO UMD For PSP which supports compressed/non-compressed 1.5/2.0+ iSO files and iR Shell which lets you play music in the background too!

Update: Chossy has released DevHook Evolved Loader For PSP, which currently is an all-in-one Loader supporting DevHook, Fastloader, UMD Emulator, MPH GameLoader, and DAX ZISO! DragonUK has also shared DevHook Evolved MPH Loader For PSP which is similar to the above, except with it you can still use real UMDs with the same flash folders... allowing you to save extra space if desired. Cool stuff!

Today Dark_AleX has updated his PSP iSO Loader to DAX ZISO Loader v0.3 BETA For PSP. Changes include that the utility no longer requires other applications, is simpler to use, and also both the UMD Emulator and DAX ZiSO cores are now merged into a single file. The new release also includes a PC iSO compression utility called DAX Creator v0.2 and DAX Decompressor now, both with complete source code. Please use our PSP Chat Forum for all related discussion and refer to the DAX ZiSO Game Compatibility List, and our new PSP Specific Game Chat Forum for individual game help and discussion. Enjoy!