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    darkstalkers issues

    hey, i have the darkstalkers file that the ppf collection v2 says to use. and i have downloaded the same file from several different sources. but everytime i try to unrar the iso i recieve an error. i am wondering if anyone has had this problem and how they fixed it. i assume it has to be fixed since a ppf was released and this file was specifically named in the read me. thanks for any help in advance.

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    Yep... the SbN release works (and unRARs) fine here, so it's just a matter of finding alternate sources probably. Of course you should be able to dump it yourself and use that image just as well with the PPF Patch- good luck!

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    PSP Darkstalkers help

    to hopefully figure out what i am doing wrong im going post exactly what im doing and see if anyone can throw a solution to it , perhaps im missing a step installing it (once again i have psp 1.5) the game is darkstalkers
    instructions i get is this:

    unrar Darkstalkers_Chronicle_The_Chaos_Tower_USA_PSP-SbN and rename |
    | PSP_GAME to DAR_GAME copy this folder to the root of your memory |
    | card and replace the DAR_GAME/USRDIR/BOOT.BIN with the one in the rar|
    | install eboot.pbp in /PSP/GAME/ (if you have 1.0 just make a folder |
    | like /PSP/GAME/DAR and copy it there if u have 1.5 use kxploid

    i do all that the menu pops up and i load the game and it gets stuck in booting mode i guess, nothing is loading on the machine

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